The mandate of the Training Institute is to deliver specialised training on various capital market subjects such as the ZSE listing requirements, ZSE products and services and the general process of investing on the stock exchange

The delivery of the training courses encompases online channels, customised training and seminars. The vast courses on offer have been designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to improve their understanding on various aspects of the capital market.

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A guide to Investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

18 February 2022 By Justin Bgoni Investing and financial freedom means something different to everyone; for example being able to retire at 50, setting up your own business, buying a car or a house. To achieve one’s goals, it is important to consider how much you will need, and then think about how you can […]

Understanding the stock market

16 February 2022 By Justin Bgoni The stock market has been around for many centuries, having evolved over the years in line with technological changes. A stock market also known as a stock exchange is a market where securities are bought and sold. It is also a platform where capital is raised to fund operations […]

Investment opportunities on the ZSE

11 February 2022 By Justin Bgoni The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange has made great strides on its transformational journey since 2009, through demutualization, automation and product diversification. The evolution of the exchange from an open-outcry system to an automated trading system brought transparency and enhanced trade execution. Despite the key milestones achieved by the ZSE over […]

Introduction to ZSE Direct

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We offer so much more :

The ZSE offers Trainings under the following key departments:

  • Listing and Trading Training
  • Products Training
  • Financial Education Training
  • Market Data & Technology Training
  • Corporate Governance Training
  • Risk Management & Compliance Training

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