Investment 101

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The programme is designed to educate participants on the basic principles of investments on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Investing in shares:

INTRODUCTION: Understanding Capital Markets

  • This is a 6 week course and by the end of the course, one will be able to trade on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Content will be released on a weekly basis
  • This tutorial will give you a quick  start to Investment 101
  • The learner can take a short quiz at the end of the each chapter

Topics for this course

45 Lessons

Chapter One: Understanding Capital Markets?

This chapter will be the foundation of understanding Capital Markets and the different players involved.
Lesson 1: What are Capital Markets?
Lesson 2: Who are the players in the capital markets and what are their roles
Lesson 3: Securities & Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (“SECZ”)
Lesson 4: Securities Exchange
Lesson 5: Central Securities Depository (CSD)
Lesson 6: Securities Dealers and Dealing Firms (Stockbrokers)
Lesson 7: Securities Investment Advisers (Financial Advisors)
Lesson 8: Securities Investment Management Companies (Asset Managers)
Lesson 9: Securities Transfer secretaries
Lesson 10: Securities Custodians
Chapter one Quiz

Chapter Two: Shares and Market Basics?

This chapter will help you understand the concept of shares and how it is related to ownership of business

Chapter Three: Understanding the Primary and Secondary Market?

This chapter will help you gain an understand of Primary and Secondary market

Chapter Four: Why and how to Invest?

This chapter will help you in your investment journey

Chapter Five: Understanding Securities?

This chapter will help you to understand what securities are and their governing bodies for their protection.

Chapter Six: Understanding Financial Statements?

This chapter covers an overview of financial statements and their interpretations, it is critical for your investment journey.

Chapter Seven: Quiz?

The final questions

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Good course although it did not clarify how to trade on the zse market

Great course, very insightful

Personally I did not understand how the stock exchange operated. Well done. The lessons are so brief and quite understandable.

Very helpful. Good foundation course.

Good course and its helpful

Greatly surprised by local informative learning program

it's an excellent course

\'1-- -

great foundation

Good course

Excellent course, really enlightening

Very much helpful

Good course

A very good course in as far as stock exchange is concerned

Great course for money makers

A good course indeed, really enlightening on all things Investment.......

Very helpful course for beginners like me

Good course content but I had issues navigating the website maybe it was because I was using my phone.

Overall very helpful course thank you

it is very helpful

very help

Good course

Good one for finance enthusiasts


Good course