Investment 101

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The programme is designed to educate participants on the basic principles of investments on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Investing in shares:

INTRODUCTION: Understanding Capital Markets

  • This is a 6 week course and by the end of the course, one will be able to trade on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Content will be released on a weekly basis
  • This tutorial will give you a quick  start to Investment 101
  • The learner can take a short quiz at the end of the each chapter

Topics for this course

45 Lessons

Chapter One: Understanding Capital Markets?

This chapter will be the foundation of understanding Capital Markets and the different players involved.
Lesson 1: What are Capital Markets?
Lesson 2: Who are the players in the capital markets and what are their roles
Lesson 3: Securities & Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe (“SECZ”)
Lesson 4: Securities Exchange
Lesson 5: Central Securities Depository (CSD)
Lesson 6: Securities Dealers and Dealing Firms (Stockbrokers)
Lesson 7: Securities Investment Advisers (Financial Advisors)
Lesson 8: Securities Investment Management Companies (Asset Managers)
Lesson 9: Securities Transfer secretaries
Lesson 10: Securities Custodians
Chapter one Quiz

Chapter Two: Shares and Market Basics?

This chapter will help you understand the concept of shares and how it is related to ownership of business

Chapter Three: Understanding the Primary and Secondary Market?

This chapter will help you gain an understand of Primary and Secondary market

Chapter Four: Why and how to Invest?

This chapter will help you in your investment journey

Chapter Five: Understanding Securities?

This chapter will help you to understand what securities are and their governing bodies for their protection.

Chapter Six: Understanding Financial Statements?

This chapter covers an overview of financial statements and their interpretations, it is critical for your investment journey.

Chapter Seven: Quiz?

The final questions

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Very helpful. Good foundation course.

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Good course content but I had issues navigating the website maybe it was because I was using my phone.

Overall very helpful course thank you

it is very helpful

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Good course